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Winter in the mountains
Stuey climbing on some rock
Rob on Valle Trinci, Italy
Mitch does Germany
Jules on Peak limestone
Prisank Via Ferrata

Forthcoming Meets

Lowstern Hut

Yorkshire Dales

27th to 29th March

Climbers can get their limestone fix and walkers can get their sinking in a bog fix. Whernside, Penyghent, Ingleborough, Malham Cove and Gordale Scar, take your pick or do the lot!

(Try to avoid any ferreting down damp holes with Mitch)

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Bulletin Board Update

Posted: 04/02/15

The bulletin board had been updated and in addition to a few more buttons to poke and prod, it will now scale down for a smaller viewport. i.e. it can be better viewed on a tablet or smart(arse)phone. Further enhancements will also be forthcoming.

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High Sports Winter Lectures

Posted: 23/10/14

Be inspired for next year, on the forthcoming dark winter nights, by the High Sports Winter Lectures.

Click here for inspiration.

Porth Saint Point

Posted: 02/07/12

Sea cliff climbing in Anglesey for normal human beings. This professional looking guide was produced by Chink & Soames after lots of hard work and an obvious passion for climbing.

The have kindly allowed us to publish a copy here. Many thanks guys!