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Mitch does Germany.
Winter in the mountains
Happy chaps on Piz Boe, Italian Dolomites
Stuey climbing on some rock
Winter in the mountains
Rob on Valle Trinci, Italy
Jules on Peak limestone
Prisank Via Ferrata

Forthcoming Meets

Bosigran climbing venue


1st to 4th May

Time to put all that indoor wall training/misery to the test and go gibber up some proper stuff on the sea cliffs of the south west coast. For those of you who like a more relaxing time of it, there are miles of beautiful coastline to be explored. Pasties and Doombar are optional.

Camping at Botallack near St Just with the essential public house very close at hand. Contact Stuey or use the bulletin board to arrange lifts etc.

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Climbing in the Peak District

Peak District

22nd to 25th May

This one is rapidly turning into a classic meet. Excited murmerings about "Lurcher" may be heard amongst the chalky fingered crew. Great pub (strangely, little can be remembered about visits to this place), rustic camping and a top caff opposite. Some climbing about the area too (don't forget the limestone).

Rich Ball is the responsible adult to contact about this one. See his clipboard.

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5th to 7th June

A great family weekend on the shores of Bala lake. Messing about on the water, BBQ, beach games, camp(bon)fire, Mitch's wart curatives disguised as home brew - to name just a few of the highlights.

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Bouldering on a crag at Grinshill

Summer Midweek Climbing Programme

Posted: 01/04/15

Daylight hours are getting longer and the evenings are lovely and warm (!). Pasty skinned creatures are emerging from climbing walls, shambling on their spindly legs and trailing bloated forearms behind them. Carried on their chalky breath are the words "real rock".

This is what they seek.

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Photo Archive

Posted: 18/03/15

The old photo gallery is no more. Therefore, so that partially fossilized members of the club can dribble real ale into their beards/frocks and reminisce about the good ol' days we have created a group on Flickr called "Wrekin Mountaineering Club - Archive". This will enable members to contribute their favourite photos from past club trips.

To add photos to this group you need to:-

  • Release your claw-like grip on your Leki poles/Moac.
  • Put on your "readers" (they are on top of your head).
  • Create a Flickr account.
  • Join the "Wrekin Mountaineering Club - Archive" group.

Now it is simply a matter of:-

  • Uploading photos to your account.
  • Adding your uploaded photos to the "Wrekin Mountaineering Club - Archive" group.
  • Trying to remember what you did with your Leki poles/Moac.

BMC Multiple Club Membership

Posted: 08/03/15

If you are a paid up member of more than one BMC affiliated club, you can reclaim the additional membership payments you have made. To claim a refund, please complete and return this form.

Bulletin Board Update

Posted: 08/03/15

The bulletin board had been updated and in addition to a few more buttons to poke and prod, it will now scale down for a smaller viewport. i.e. it can be better viewed on a tablet or smart(arse)phone. Further enhancements will also be forthcoming.

  • Avatars can now be added to your profile on the BB.

Porth Saint Point

Posted: 02/07/12

Sea cliff climbing in Anglesey for normal human beings. This professional looking guide was produced by Chink & Soames after lots of hard work and an obvious passion for climbing.

The have kindly allowed us to publish a copy here. Many thanks guys!